SECURICO Wired Intruder Alarm SOLITAIRE 8

SECURICO Wired Intruder Alarm SOLITAIRE 8
8 Zone Control Panel and inbuilt 2 Message 30 Number Speech Dialer, Home Automation System with 4 Appliance Control, Automatic Arming & Disarming, Remote Access through Telephone and Separate LCD Remote Key Pad (included). Inbuilt Power Supply.


  • Micro-controller based
  • LCD display remote keypad
  • 3 status leds – armed, power and dialing
  • 16 key back lit key pad
  • Sleek white abs body with key pad cover
  • Separate main control station for connection terminals and power supply unit
  • Two access codes – master and servant
  • Part arm facility
  • Automatic arming facility
  • Automatic disarming facility
  • Can be operated through cellular mobile or telephone line using DTMF instrument
  • Number of rings after which panel responds is programmable
  • Panel can be armed and disarmed through telephone
  • Code can be changed through telephone
  • Alarm trigger check through telephone 
  • Any 4 electrical devices can be switched on or off through telephone
  • These electrical devices can also be switched on or off through remote key pad
  • Armed LED / light output
  • Built in battery backup provision
  • Zone omitting facility
  • Individual zone status is indicated on display
  • Individual entry delay time 2 to 255 seconds
  • Individual exit delay time 2 to 255 seconds
  • Sounder time 2 to 20 minutes
  • Silent arming
  • Night mode arming
  • Intrusion log
  • Dedicated panic, fire and quick arm keys
  • Power failure indication
  • Blown fuse indication on LCD display
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Open zone indication on lcd display
  • Automatic re-arming after an intrusion
  • Only three incorrect code attempts allowed to disarm the system after which the system goes into alarm state
  • Musical audio indication
  • Multiple sounder outputs
  • Armed light relay output
  • In-built tamper switch
  • Main control station housed in elegant white abs body
  • Micro-controller based
  • 2 messages
  • Separate intrusion message
  • Separate fire message
  • 15 telephone numbers for intrusion message
  • 15 telephone numbers for fire message
  • 20 second recording time for each message
  • Operates with both tone & pulse
  • Message playback
  • Silent Dialing
  • Can work on EPABX line
  • Telephone number check
  • Telephone number editing facility
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Line overriding

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